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Covid-19 Testing – Local and Rapid Coronavirus Testing Center

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Who Should Get Tested for COVID-19?

There is considerable uncertainty about who should be tested for COVID-19. The following list should help to provides clear, understandable criteria for who should be tested:

  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who have either not been vaccinated at all or not fully vaccinated (per the guidance recommended for the vaccine brand you received—one shot or two) and believe they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • People planning to travel internationally are required to undergo a COVID-19 test three to five days before departure. 
  • Vulnerable populations that have a high risk of getting the virus due to elderly age (65+) , or underlying health conditions.
  • First responders and healthcare workers and people in large groups should be tested on a regular basis.
COVID19 testing

What Are the Symptoms of COVID-19?

Symptoms of COVID-19 may emerge 2-14 days after viral contact. Many of those symptoms can be misleading because they are very similar to those of common cold, flu, or even seasonal allergies. Our experts at Frisco ER advise any patient having the following symptoms to get themselves tested at the COVID-19 Testing Center at our facility in Frisco, Texas, if they display the following symptoms:

Emergency COVID-19 Warning Signs

When to Visit Testing Centers for COVID-19

If you or someone in your family are experiencing any of these symptoms, they require immediate medical assistance. In such a situation, we suggest you call 911 or go to your local emergency room as soon as you notice the following warning signs:  

What Types of COVID-19 Testing Does Frisco ER Offer?

The COVID-19 Testing Center in Frisco ER provides a variety of testing procedures as follows: 

  1. COVID-19 RP 2.1 PCR Test:

    The Covid-19 RP 2.1 PCR Test is designed to detect the presence of the CORONAVIRUS-19 in addition to 21 other pathogens causing respiratory infections.

    Frisco ER is dedicated to ensuring our patients have access to the latest in diagnostic and medical treatment and therapy options.

    Most recently we have added COVID-19 RP 2.1 PCR TEST, Covid-19 RP 2.1 PCR Test is designed to detect presence of the CORONAVIRUS- 19 in addition to 21 other pathogens causing respiratory infections with results available in 1 Hour.

    Schedule your Covid test at Frisco ER. We are open for testing  24 hours a day, everyday.

    COVID-19 RP 2.1 PCR Nasopharyngeal swab sample is collected, RESULTS ARE PROVIDED OVER THE PHONE IN 1 HOUR.

  2. Rapid Viral Antigen:

    At Frisco ER, our health experts provide very accurate and reliable test results to our patients within 24 hours. This rapid viral antigen test is performed with a nasal swab and is designed to detect the virus that causes COVID-19. We perform Rapid Viral Antigen Tests (RVAT) and provide accurate and reliable results. It helps us determine whether or not you have contracted the COVID-19 virus from someone else. This test will give an accurate result if given enough time after exposure, so there’s no need to worry about missing a true positive due until we’ve had ample time without symptoms present for accuracy.


Increased Sanitation:

We have elevated our already high standard of cleanliness through our professional cleaning crew who disinfects and sanitizes the facility 7 days a week. We have also implemented frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer usage by all employees.

Curbside Patient Screening:

Our Nurses are screening patients at the facility upon arrival for any symptoms such as Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Weakness, Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Loss of the taste. If the patient has any of the listed symptoms or has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive individual or has traveled domestically or internationally in the 14 last days, the Nurse will bring them in the Emergency room to further follow-up and help treat the symptoms.

Masks & Gloves:

 To prevent the spread of COVID-19, everyone above the age of 2 must wear a face mask (cloth or surgical) upon entering the facility.

Employee & Patient Monitoring:

We are examining our staff daily and everyone entering the facility for symptoms and evaluating them further if they fail the screening.

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Kailash Sharma
Kailash Sharma
Dr Kalra, Nurse Christo and Front desk Rahim provided great service..
Parker Ragon
Parker Ragon
Very sweet very helpful very kind! Was very satisfied with my first experience here! Made sure I was comfortable and had snacks and water for me and a blanket!
wyatt mcreynolds
wyatt mcreynolds
I just wanted to let you know that that frisco ER is the #1. This is do to the kind and respectful poeple working here. I would like to give a shout out to the NURSE-KISHA AND DR.NEARO AND FRONT DESK. I really appreciate them all and all there hard work. Kisha went above and beyond for me while I was in the ER.
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins
The staff was excellent. Made sure we had snacks and drink and was very courteous while my wife was getting a diagnosis
Cierria Harris
Cierria Harris
Great help from everyone
mamoon moon
mamoon moon
Very friendly attitude from every staff and especially the person who took my
Athena Lee
Athena Lee
Little to no wait time (although this may be because I came here on Father’s Day), nice facilities, competent staff. The doctor went the extra mile and called the Poison Control Center to verify details about a product. They have “free” snacks (peanut butter crackers) and drinks (water, soda, orange juice, etc.), which was an added bonus. After going to multiple ER facilities to take care of my bedridden grandpa, we now avoid a few ERs and nursing homes. We’ll be sure to come back in the case of an emergency (as long as we are within the area). 10/10
Dipanjan Das
Dipanjan Das
Great experience here. Friendly staff and nice treatment.
Ricardo Salazar
Ricardo Salazar
Tori, Rahim, and Dr. Rana were amazing! Great service!
Sam K
Sam K
Took care of us on minutes! Amazing doctors. Very helpful and we genuinely felt like they cared for us. So thankful for this location.

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